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Introduction and applicable Law

xdat.org respects your privacy. Any data that is collected during your use of xdat.org is collected in accordance with the European General Data Protect Rule (GDPR).

Data Protection Officer

Not surprisingly, that's me:

Enguerrand de Rochefort
Fronhoven 58
52249 Eschweiler
Email: support@xdat.org

Cookies and Tracking Methods

xdat.org does not use cookies. It does not use any third party services or any other means to track you.

Server Log files

When you visit xdat.org, the webserver which xdat.org is hosted on will log information including (but not limited to) the time and date of your visit, the browser and operating system you were using and the pages that you visited. It will not log your ip address and the logged data can hence not be used to reveal your identity. The logfiles and the information they contain will not be shared with any third parties, will not be used for any other purposes than technical analysis / administrative tasks to maintain xdat.org up and running and will be deleted automatically after a couple of weeks.

Therfore, unless you contact me directly, you can use xdat.org in a completely anonymous way.

Emails / Fax

If you send me an email or fax, the information you send to me will only be stored in my personal email inbox and will not be shared with any third parties.

The personal data it contains will only be used to answer your message.

It will be deleted during my regular inbox cleanup, which usually happens about once a year.

Use of the downloadable Software

The software XDAT that can be downloaded on xdat.org does not share any information about you. (It does not require any internet connectivity whatsoever.)

Your rights

The GDPR gives you the right to access data that is stored about you. You also have the right to demand correction or deletion of the data. Please, direct any such requests directly at me.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.